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The Story

In September of 2022, 300 educators from across the United States and on the continent of Africa gathered in Cape Coast, Ghana at the University of Cape Coast for the first All-African Diaspora Education Summit (ADES).  This was an historic convening of educators who made the pilgrimage under the central aim to assert that African-centered education is the mechanism needed to lead to the freedom, sovereignty, and liberation of African people. With the central question of how can we most effectively implement an educational structure that centers the history, traditions, rituals, philosophy, contributions and lived experiences of Black people as the focal point of their education in both the US and the African continent?  The resounding words were "WE ARE HERE."

Registration Now Open


  • Registration for the ADES 2024.  Space is limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis. 

  • Registration Fee:  $1,195/Delegate

  • IMPORTANTPlease note that registration fees must be paid within 45 days of the date registered.  Failure to submit payment by the deadline may result in registration being cancelled.  


The ADES 2024 Summit will begin in Accra, Ghana on September 27, 2024.  All delegates are asked to begin travel September 25 or 26, 2024 from the USA and arrive in Accra by September 27, 2024 for the opening reception at 6:00pm (DST). The summit will end with  planned departures from Accra on October 6, 2024.  Please click to review travel options  

Please visit the hotel accommodations webpage to book your hotel rooms in Accra and in Cape Coast.  Please note that hotels in Accra should be booked directly with the hotel.  All Cape Coast hotels must be booked through the ADES registration portal.

Hotel Accommodations

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